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Learn Piano Piano Nanny Free Music Lessons Online Guitar Chords Guitar Lessons Acid 8 Packs Acid Music


More great KS3 and general Music links:-

Bass Lessons
ABC Guitar
Zen Guitar
Go Piano
Piano Online
Sight Reading

Voice Training
Voice Lessons
Singing Tips
Project GCSE
ABC Music Notes

Music at School
Song Writing
Home Recording
Lyric Search
Data Dragon

Advice for getting a good grade in your GCSE Music exam

Above are some great links to get your GCSE Music revision sorted so you get great marks in your exams and your course work!


If you would like to really know what your Music examiners are looking for then it can be useful to look through your exam boards websites which you can find on the side menu..


Most importantly of all, enjoy your Music. It should be fun and creative. Explore the links on this page to get your creative brain buzzing!

More Ideas for further fun and learning
If you would like to make music on your computer at home, then acid xpress is a fantastic free loop based editing software. You can download it by clicking the link to the left, but remember to ask permission from the person who owns the computer first! Samples can be found on the web by searching for free loops on google. Alternatively download the 8pack to get you started. Ejay discs can also be bought and will very cheaply provide you with hundreds of drum, bass and vocal samples. You can of course also record and edit your own music and vocals